Welcome to my personal Petz stronghold, the crew site for Moonflower Petz! This version features Silky by Delighy, Bonsai by me, Poppet bred by JC, and Mnason bred by Kristina. Poke around and check out my treasured personal Petz. If you see two breddies you fancy, feel free to request a litter <3

If you don't see a pet I adopted from you, they are loved, I just haven't added them yet!

Latest Updates:
24th July, 2019: Completely scrapped the site, because let's face it; it was a hot mess. Overhauled the design. Planning on adding crew slowly... don't look now, nothing makes sense.

Currently working on:

Finishing the site. Bulldog, chinchi and tabby breeding projects and looking for pretty bullies, siamese and poodles to add to my crew.

Head count: ??? Catz, ??? Dogz and ??? Hexies